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The following are some of the merit badges available at Troop 491.

Camping(E), Small Boat sailing, Weather, Chess, Communications(E), Personal Management(E), Snow Sports, American Business, Athletics, Gardening, Dog Care, Cooking, Hiking, Reading, Sports, First Aid, Cit in Community(E), Cit in Nation(E), Cit in World(E), Personal Fitness(E) Environmental Science (E), Fishing, Family Life(E).

E = Eagle Required

If a scout wishes to start a merit badge he should  determine who the counselor is, contact him/her and ask for permission to start the MB. The counselor will then start a blue card and the scout can proceed to  fulfill the requirements. Scouts should not hesitate to ask any questions regarding what is expected of them to complete the MB. If a desired merit badge is not available from our troop leaders a scout may work with other counselors in the area. Sometimes one has to track them down and set up a visit.

Please see to for a list of requirements, print off worksheets and links to resources for each merit badge. It is desirable but not required to use a BSA merit badge booklet – and the troop retains many MB booklets at ALH which scouts may borrow.

Partial Merit Badges. A merit badge is not awarded unless all the requirements are fulfilled and the blue card is completely filled out signed and turned in to our Advancement  Coordinator. Consequently scouts often have many lingering “partial merit badges,” usually from camp, whereby requirements are posted as they are completed. Partials are easily forgotten so it is important to remember and finish them up.

REMEMBER: When you are awarded a merit badge a blue card stub is given to you for your records – KEEP IT! You need it to become Eagle.

How to Get a Fishing Merit badge (outside of the troop)


Personal Management MB

Personal Management 2


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